First Quarterly Check-Up

Went through the regiment of my first quarterly check-ups -  CT Scan, Doctor Visit & Sigmoidoscopy.   All good news!   I am curious as to what to expect in the first two years - post treatment?

Very thankful for the insights & support from this group!

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It's different for everyone; I don't know about the male complication; only women's (ouch). A lot of it depends on your age (your a youngster) and your activity level before.
Being my age 70 now; it really changed my endurance on every level. 4 years out, and I have to rest when my body tells me to; rest makes a huge difference in my normally optimistic outlook.
How's it going so far?
Most of us have Anascopies or HRA's (High Resolution Anoscopy) every 3 months for the first 3 years and CT scan/PET scan yearly. Your doctor should follow the guidelines; you can ask.
Best wishes on your recovery!
Big hugs.
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I’m almost 2.5 years out. The first two years I went to the surgeon to get checked every three months. Every six months I had a ct scan and saw the radiology doctor. When I hit the 2yr mark now I only have to get checked every six months with the ct scan. Yay! It took me a long time to start feeling my new normal and I’m still healing! Still have accidents. I carry extra underwear and wipes with me everywhere. Still have a lot of aches in my hips and lower back. It’s a slow process! So glad your on your way to healing and enjoying life! 💙
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Doing well now? I would expect you can expect more of the same! Keep us posted.
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I am doing well now - still some urgency when going to bathroom but energy and mental outlook has improved ALOT! The check-up test make me a bit nervous and anxious due to the akwardness of the test. I don't see anyone doing a good job of taking the patients time into account when scheduling the appointments. This is really tough for those of us who still work.
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You are right about the inconvenience. Can you book your future quarterly test now so you get the time you want? That’s what I did during the five-year post treatment testing (lots of PET and CT scans) and was always able to get the day and time I wanted. Good luck!
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Yep we are all different for sure. I just had my second follow up surgeons appt. no scan here until one year. It also could not have gone better though very painful and still pretty painful after 2 days so not sure why. My first one put bacteria in my system and wound up in the hospital for a week so I changed doctors. Congrats on the great results! My plan is visit him every 3 months. for 2 years. Oncology and Radiologist also every 3 for the first 2 years I think. Scan once a year and this new doc wants a colonoscopy in a year for now then 3-5 depending. Still having little surprises too and very frequent BM's but things are working so much better.
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I think where you mention "still pretty painful after 2 days" you are talking about the follow up anoscopy. Having a doc I have full confidence in helps (I changed docs too) but still; the square footage get smaller; so what I'm trying to say, it's normal, after what we went through.
Great news! So happy for you!
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The most challenging element for me was adjusting to the "new normal" and learning to manage my rear end so it was possible to travel or have morning meetings! As others have noted, I had anoscopies every six months, and continued to see my oncology team about the same effect, their work constituted my primary care! Hang in there and keep posting...we'll help you manage your transition..
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